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Basic Overview


Private Jetty hosting package is the best solution for everyone who wish to get own Jetty Server installed under his java hosting account (JSP Hosting & Servlet Hosting). You can run standalone Jetty or Jetty behind Apache webserver to get a powerful and functional java hosting solution.

Package Details

Private Jetty hosting include support for regular html and PHP hosting (Apache, PHP5 Hosting, CGI/Perl), CVS hosting (CVS Repository) & Subversion hosting (SVN Repository). Supported version: 6.1.1



  • 6000 MB (3GB) HD limit
  • 40 GB montly traffic*
  • unlimited addon and parked domains
  • unlimited mailboxes, mail aliases
  • unlimited MySQL5 & PostgreSQL8 databases
  • Apache + PHP5
  • phpMyAdmin, Webmail (Horde), Webalizer (webstats)
  • Amavisd-new, SpamAssasin, Clamav Anti-virus
  • FTP & SSH access
  • CVS Repository & SVN Repository
  • Daily backups

Jetty 6.1.1

Jetty is an open-source, standards-based, full-featured web server implemented entirely in java. First created in 1995, Jetty has benefitted from input from a vast user community and consistent and focussed development by a stable core of lead developers. Jetty can be used as: a stand-alone traditional web server for static and dynamic content; a dynamic content server behind a dedicated HTTP server such as Apache using mod_proxy; an embedded component within a java application. Jetty is architected for pluggability. The API allows different implementations of all of the principal Jetty components to be selected. At least one, but sometimes more, implementations of a component are always provided. However if these do not meet your needs, you are free to code your own using the interfaces and abstract classes as a basis. This means that Jetty can be easily customised to a particular application environment.

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